Since Our Schedules Are Whack...

Since everything is nuts and we don't have schedules that really allow us to AIM RP very often, how would you guys like to do forum-style and if everyone is on, then we can AIM and post it? This might become a little easier once summer rolls around (for most of us), but this will at least get some things going.

A Plot! We Have One!

Okay. This is where I am going to write out the basic plot, and the things we still need to work out. After that I will do a nice little summary, send it to those majorly affected and they can edit it. That will then update the main RP page, and... I think I'm going to make an intro VIDEO >..< I had... some ideas... I'm a moron. XD


There are two universes that we will be working with. There is the Game!Universe and the Alt!Universe. The Game!Universe is the canon world of FF8.  So, that's the one we are going to be playing in and focusing on. 

In the Alt!Universe Seifer and Squall have switched places, but definitely not attitudes. Squall is made party leader during the SeeD Exam, and for whatever reason he runs off after the soldiers and so Seifer, Zell, Selphie and Nida pass, and not Squall. Squall goes with Edea. Seifer becomes the "hero". During the final battle against "Alt!mecia (lawl, the ! is an upside down i >..>) she sacrafices/destroys Squall in order to summon Griever. Don't ask me why. It's Alt!Universe, that's just what happened. >..< Aaaaanyway, long story short, Alt!mecia wins. But Squalt! is dead... okay, that was just lame. Alt!Squall is dead.* Better. But his conciousness becomes trapped in Time Compression and somehow moving into Game!Universe and into our canon Squall. So, now you have an evil and crazy conciousness of an Alternate Squall in the mind of the goo-... bori- canon Squall. XD  

Alt!Seifer is also dragged through Time Compression and into Game!World. And that is why we have two Seifers. And I'm happy. See Mod. See Mod Happy. Happy Mod is Happy.

Now that the background is covered.... briefly, let's get into it, shall we? Game!Squall is going to slowly begin to be influenced by the Alt!Squall conciousness. To the point where, as Meri suggested, he does something as crazy as tried to, or succeeds in taking over Esthar, or Galbadia, or something of equal stupidity. Also going to give him access to Griever just to make a level 100 Squall that much more difficult to handle. XD


Section A: The Game!Universe
Subject 1: Seifer
Item a) What are we going to do with Seifer between the end of game where he's looking up at Garden flying over, and the start of the RP?
- back to Garden or come back on his own?
- Locked up in Galbadia/Esthar Prison? Have prison call Garden to get him or rescue team?
- Will he have slight amnesia about what he did, say when he was like, completely controlled, or will he remember it all?
Item b) Who is going to play which Seifer? I already have my votes, but I'll see what they say after this is read.

Subject 2: Squall
Item a.1) Headmaster or Commander-in-Chief (2nd in Command)?
Item a.2) Authority/Power/Decision Making versus mundane paperwork. Aka, does he do the paperwork, or just sign things after a quick skim or summarization?
Item b) Remember, he's gonna have to go all "nuts" and start trying to take over the world. XD

Section B: The Alt!Universe
Subject 1: General
Item a) Does everyone other than Seifer die during Alt!mecia battle?

Subject 2: Seifer
Item a) What are his relationships going to be with the others? (also, see Subject 3)
Item b) Based on potential relationships, the Alt!Seifer is going to react differently when he wakes up in Game!Universe. He'll likely head for Garden immediately, he'll likely be amazed people are alive, he'll likely be confused as hell, and he'll probably embrace who he thinks is his girl/boyfriend as soon as he seems them >...>. Poor confused Alt!Seifer. So think about that too! Especially the Seifers!

Subject 3: Rinoa
Item a) Do we have Seifer still be the one to date her a year prior, and just have things switch for them at the SeeD Exam, or do we have her date Squall first and crush on Seifer afterwards?
Item b) Either way, will Seifer and Alt!Rinoa follow a similar arch to Squall and Rinoa in Game!Universe, or will Seifer set her straight early on? However the relationship with Rinoa goes will definitely effect the romance aspect of Alt!Universe.

Who's Who?

Alright, this is where members and potential members can say their hellos so we don't crowd the application thread... crowd the completely empty thread...- anyway! So, we'll use the same format as the top of the character application, which looks like this:

Your Name:
Your Livejournal:
Your Age:
Contact info:

So, I'll go first.
My Name: Eoko, Koko, The Mod
My Livejournal: thesassyboys (which is actually a VERY old one used by Seto Kaiba and my... fake gay twin Seth...). Xanga is also rarely used but is actually my personal journal.
My Age: 21, almost 22 (in October), though I am considered the 'voted oldest' of most groups I get into. Even if I'm younger by two or three years. Yay for maturity. 
Contacts: E-mails are and The second of which has a folder for Neitun Dómur already.
Otherwise your best chance of catching me is on AIM. I tend to get home from work and log on, or wake up and log on, or stay up til 5am logged on... I did say I lived on the thing. AIM names are Booya Blond, which was created in October 2003 for a FF8 RP, and Loonar Dancer, which is my Saix/Isaac from KH2 RPs. But, I have them linked together under Booya, so... add Booya. Plus, it's the FF8 one. XD
About Me: (You don't have to do this one) Like I said, I'm 21 and tend to be a group leader. I love yaoi with an unholy passion, but not to the point of screaming when boys kiss until people go deaf. I tend to just snicker and mentally drool now. I have a looot of yaoi manga. Yaoi Press is the best. It's got more than just shonen-ai. I have never been able to find a Seifer/Zell doujinshi, but I have a lot of FF8 ones. Too bad I never bothered trying to translate any while I was taking 2 years of Japanese. Hey, I'm smart. >..<

I can horseback ride, ski, whitewater raft, splunk... is that the way you'd say splunking in that kinda list? W/e, caving with the actually crawling around under many, many, many feet of rocks. I also skate, played rugby, rock climb, hike, swim... bike... lots of crap. I don't do it so much anymore, since I'm almost done a degree in university and that takes at least some time. I also play FFXI and have for over 4 years now. I have a lvl 75whm/40war/37smn/37nin/30blm/31mnk/20dnc/bst, and a second char who is 45thf/40nin/40rng/26mnk/20war, and an amazing mule that is lvl 21 thief, has no subjob and is rank 3 Bastok. If any of you have played, you may be impressed.

I also have a lvl 61 hunter on WoW, a lvl 25 hunter, a lvl 28 rogue, a lvl 21 mage, and another little hunter. I like hunters... So yea... MMORPGS and almost a degree, and I live on AIM. And have a job! I'm amazing. XD That and I don't tend to do ALL of those at once. I also love writing. My penname on is Eoko Formally Known as Hicky. I co-write with KittyMeowMaxwell/KittyKinneas. I also have started co-writing with the other person in the FF8 trio we started over 4 years ago. I read a lot, and I put custom firmware on stupid boys' PSPs cause I'm awesome and made my own Pandora's Battery. Hahaha, yay me. I also build everything and set up everything at home because I'm better at it than mah daddy. I also am better at building almost everything at work. Because some stockboys are just so noobish they can't figure out to tilt a board 15 degrees up to make it go into a space....

SO! THAT IS ME! Your mod, and leader of this little adventure into something I hope to be very fun, amusing, and a great little adventure.


Ideas go here! Okay people. How many times have you had a great idea for a fic, or RP, or just a little story in your head, but you could never really get it off the ground? Or what about looking for a RP to join only to find nothing you're really interested in?

Well, I can't totally promise you that you'll find that here, but I am giving you the opportunity to flood this place with idea after idea. Let everyone read them and let's mold something together that everyone will enjoy!

And don't be shy! I've read and RPed and drawn a lot of stuff. Bondage, vampyres, food play, demons, threesomes, yaoi... much, much yaoi, yuri, m-preg actually, sorcerers, toys, props, costumes, RPs within RPs, lots of kinky things, lots of messed up things. If any of the few people know Eoko Formally Known as Hicky, that is me. And if they know me, they know mine and Kitty's FF8 collab fics, and probably the old RP logs we had up on a website before.

SERIOUSLY! Don't be shy! And if you are, this community is non-member friendly, so you can post anon until you get a feel for how other people are taking your idea. But the name of the RP is 'No Judgements' and that is definitely geared towards all of us. I want everyone to feel comfortable saying what they're thinking and not worrying if someone is going to look down their nose at them. Seifer does that enough for an entire panel of RPers.

So, HAVE AT IT! Ideas away!



Zell - thesassyboys 
Alt! Seifer - smgriffin 
Game! Seifer - yourshadowlover 
Squall - mercy_slays 
Irvine - kireinakaze 

If there is a character that you desperately love, and they are taken, I will consider accepting OCs or characters from other Final Fantasy games, based on the merit of your application. This is an FF8 RP, but I am not going to turn away talented people because the love of their RP life was taken before they got here. 

And if you are readers of Lightning (FF8 yaoi fic by Eoko and Kitty), there are lots of fun OCs in there too. Wow... I would laugh so hard if people started apping my OCs... Okay, getting overly full on myself there. Now go ap before they're all gone! Or at least reserve!



Player Info

Your Name:
Your Livejournal:
Your Age:
Contact info: (E-mail/AIM/YIM/MSN)(AIM highly reccomended since the Mod lives on it.)

Character Info 
Since we aren't totally sure on the plot yet, we may not want to get into the character applications just yet. This could turn into an Alternate Universe RP after all. So for now, let's focus on the players and the plot.

Sample Application from Mod-Eoko will come once plots have been thought up. ^^

Ranking: (This includes SeeD, Cadet, Instructor, Headmaster, Commander. When in doubt, use just post-game.)
Background: (min 2 paragraphs)

Journal Sample: (First person, min 1 paragraph.)
RP Log Sample: (Third person, min 2 paragraphs.)



1. No God-modding. God-modding means controlling another person's character or having your character know things that he or she has no way of possibly knowing. There will be none of this. Period.
You will have 3 warnings for god-modding before being banned.

2. Respect the other players. You don't have to like everyone, it can be hard, but you still need to treat everyone with respect. No Bashing and no bringing in personal drama into the RP. It tends to ruin things for everyone.

3. Please stay in character. But everyone does bring a little of themselves into the character they play, so don't be afraid to experiment a little.

4. All pairings and ratings are welcome Yaoi/Yuri/Het; whatever you want. Please, just label any log that goes beyond platonic. Anything rated R or NC-17 must be labeled as such.

5. When in doubt, ask the Mod. That’s what I'm here for, and feel free to AIM me anytime because I am usually online. If I'm not, contact me through any other means listed on my user info.

6. Due to the limited number of main characters in the game there is a ONE character limit per person. Characters can be put on reserve but your limit is 1 week before it opens up again. Side characters and NPC types may be picked up as a second. Thirds can be taken up on special request.

7. Just because you've reserved a character doesn't mean that you're guaranteed to get them, another person could come along and make an application for the same character. The reservation just means that I'll wait for your application, or put yours in priority, before the other is approved.

8. Since it is likely this RP will consist of AIM logs that will be editted and posted for everyone to read, everyone needs to have an AIM screen name and let me, the Mod, know when they are available. Both private and group RPs will take place and all will be posted on the community. Through many past RPs it seems to me that RPs develop better when there is a greater sense of community and all around input in the plot and happenings. The best way to do this is in real time chats. AIM is free, easy, and I can help most people set up any little tricks like dual screen names, etc, etc. Plus, it's harder to say "Meh, I'll post a little later" when five other RPers are online with you.

9. When posting up logs please use the following format:
Who: Characters involved.
When: The time of day it happened or is happening.
Where: Kinda self explanatory, aren't they? XD
What: A brief summary of what happens in the RP (note if it is unfinished you may leave this blank or put ‘In Progress’)
Rating: G to NC17 rating. Anything "R" and over must be under an lj cut.
Warnings: Anything that you think may offend others please place in the warning.

10. Have fun!